I’ll mention no names to keep my clients from their blushes, but if I could share all of the epic fails they’ve had over the years from exhibiting and selling at events you’d be forgiven for thinking it was impossible to make a success of these opportunities. Thankfully I can reassure you it most definitely is possible, in fact it can be the making of your company when done right.
I’m sure you’re dying to hear what went wrong so here goes nothing. Check out number 5 I would have wanted the ground to swallow me whole!


Table what table?


Yes you heard right, my client had been working on her delicious cupcakes for 3 days leading up to the school concert where she’d hired a stand, only there was no stand. When she arrived there was nothing there for her and there was no time to go home to fetch her folding table.
So she proceeded to use the school’s library trolley to sell from, with her cupcakes precariously perched on the trolley. All that hard work had gone to waste her toffee drizzle cupcakes were hidden away nobody could see them and you know what it’s like when you see a stunning dessert, you just have to have it! That was her selling tactic only it all flopped when she had no display.


Style it out – if you can.


I’ve never been one for heels myself as I look like Bambi in kitten heels and anything bigger and I do a Naomi Campbell and find myself on the floor. My client however thought as she was a keen heel wearer when out with the girls, she would pop on her gorgeous new shoes for the wedding fair. In her words “I thought they’d be my lucky charm, how wrong was I!” All seemed to be going well, she’d spoken to several brides and was on a roll getting lots of interest when it happened, she’d popped to the bathroom whilst it was quiet. On her return, the room had filled ready for the fashion show when her heel buckled below her and wallop! In front of the whole fashion show audience she was flat on her face.

Don’t risk it heels make your feet ache at the best of time and I don’t think anyone could style out a face plant in front of your potential customers.



Imagine turning up with all of your stock, having spent a fortune on supplies, taken a day away from your family to find nobody turned up.
My client was doing her first craft fair at a local community centre. The organiser had given the hard sell about it being a great event and worth the £50 stall fee so she jumped at the chance, after all she could potentially gain many new customers.

She’d set up alongside 14 other stall holders, they were all excitedly waiting for the doors to open only to find nobody turned up, well nobody is pushing it a bit. There was 2 boys aged around 10 who were meant to be at the park but the curiosity had got the better of them. Then there was a lady who must have felt sorry for the stall holders as she spent a good 20 minutes speaking to each of them and bought the lowest priced item from each so they could say they’d made a sale.


Mum V Bride – the ultimate match 

Balloons are a love or hate thing, for every person who loves the idea of a room filled with them there’s a person who either hates them or has a fear of them. That’s what happened at a wedding fair when a Mum wanted them on every table and an archway behind the top table only for the Bride to tell her mum under no uncertain terms that there was no place for them at her wedding.

Then it happened, Mum pulled the “Well we are paying for the wedding, so there will be balloons” card. It didn’t end there, the topic soon changed to almost everything that either party had vetoed from the day and why they weren’t happy. I wonder what the wedding turned out like in the end, my client didn’t get the order so I’m guessing there was no balloons.


Who knew there was two types of Ladies night?! 

A last-minute call came in 2 days before a school ladies night was happening, their cake maker had fallen ill and they needed a replacement. My client, let’s call her Debbie, jumped at the chance of running a stall. She had so many ideas for her cupcakes after all she’d just done a hen party order so would use those. Whilst taking the call to book in she’d had a giggle about ladies nights and all the fun shenanigans that go on without the men in the room.
She spent the next two days making her cupcakes and creating the fun ladies night themed toppers. Feeling rather proud Debbie then packed up her cakes and set off for the event. When she arrived, it was very busy so she set about creating her display. Standing back to take a look, she was feeling really proud that she’d got them all made with just 2 days’ notice.
It was then that the event organiser came over looking mortified “Debbie, what are these? We can’t possibly have these on display, I’ll have to talk with the other committee members” It was only then Debbie took a moment to look around and realise it wasn’t that kind of ladies night, so whilst there was a beautician setting up to do manicures Debbie’s stall was covered in 150 penis topped cupcakes!
You’ll be glad to know the committee see the funny side of it and they went down well with the customers who found it a great giggle.
Selling at event’s is a minefield and if you don’t know how to prepare and plan for them they can be a big mistake. On the flip side, get it right and they’re not only great fun but they can be profitable not only on the day but going forward too.
I’m very pleased to say I have now worked with these clients and helped them through many event’s which have been a great success. It’s about so much more than your products and they now have sales and marketing strategies which are specifically for events and work a charm every time.
What’s more I’ve put everything I use when working with my clients into an awesome, selling at events masterclass. This is something I usually hold back for my one to one business clients, but I want to help as more of you and I understand the cost of one to one mentoring isn’t achievable for all.
To make this affordable for all, I have priced the course at just £97 and better still if you purchase it before 31st August 2017 you will get a huge £50 discount. The whole comprehensive course packed full of everything you’ll need, including tried and tested strategies for events will cost you just £47.