I’ve never been good at taking orders so becoming my own boss was inevitable, compulsory my Mum would have told you, as I would never listen to anyone else. Now I’m much older and slightly wiser, I guess I should agree.

My business didn’t start out the same way as most, you see I had something else driving me, my added ingredient.
My mum passed away aged just 47, she had a rare lung disease for which there way very little research for at the time so nothing could be done. She left behind me aged 29 my sister 24 and our little brother (she remarried) aged just 8.

It was a huge wake-up call to show me you only get one shot at this life. It’s too short to spend it away from your children, working a 9-5 in a stressful job which demands all of your attention instead of watching those kiddie plays and the assemblies.

“You’ll never guess where I spent yesterday, the zoo! I volunteered at Oscar’s school trip, something I could never have done before starting my business. You gave me the confidence in myself to do this and I’ll never forget that, thank you Shelly”

Fiona B

I teach them methods which don’t cost them money, or if they do it’s something they can fit into their family budgets. I want to give them what my Mum didn’t have, I want them to see that they can have it all, fulfil their potential and not feel they have to do one or the other.

I love helping other mums to build a business that they can fit around their families, that allows them to take time off in the holidays or when a school event crops up so they don’t miss those all important moments.

When it comes to the hobby bakers, I love thinking back to the 80’s and before, where Mum’s would make all the family birthday cakes. It’s a lost art now and life has gotten in the way, everyone is working hard and social media means even if you do want to try, you worry what people will say when they see the photo online.

I want to help mums, aunties and grandma’s find this tradition again and through my classes, slowly but surely it’s happening. I’ve got an amazing array of hobby bakers who simply want to create memories for their families. I’ve got a few grandma’s who regularly send me emails of them baking with their grandchildren, passing on the baton so to speak, it’s wonderful.

Family matters and whether you’re looking to start a business or bake for their birthdays, it’s so important to make the most of every moment with them.

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