Have you always loved baking but aren’t sure how to turn your talent into a business? Or perhaps you’re already in business but things have dried up and you aren’t sure what to do.

This is where my course can help, I tackle all the common issues from lack of sales and pricing issues, to dealing with competitors and building your confidence. I show you how to overcome the quiet periods and boost your profits and even where to go with your advertising.

This course isn’t a simple list of things to do, when you’re working with me I will get you working hard and getting results. The course is run over 4 modules, with homework and topics that we will discuss further in the group.

The Modules are as follows

Module 1 – Becoming a business

Module 2 – Gaining orders and sales

Module 3 – Stand out from the crowd and establish your USP

Module 4 – Building your confidence

Each module contains several sections, each with their own video (often more than one), exercises and Live interactive lessons for you to take part in. Even if you can’t join us live for every session you will have access to the lesson for the duration of the course.

As well as the main body of the course you will join my dedicated help group where I will be to help you through all of the modules. We will have live chats where I will address further issues during each module giving you a more in-depth look at each solution.

This is a hands on course which will be available to purchase from 10- 18th June and class will start on the 19th June