Are you nervous of doing an event, not sure where to start with promoting your products?

Do you usually wing it and hope for the best only to find you’ve barely covered your costs? If so my new complete guide to selling at event’s is for you.

For each type of event I give you an introduction by video with some of my own personal experience of that type of event. I have then written a great guide with everything you need to research, plan and put into action. From there we have the pre-event research which is very important. I give you the questions to ask so that you have a full overview of the event before you part with any money. If it’s not right for you this helps you see that and walk away before you sink all of your funds into it.

Then we move on to the profitability and goal setting, how much profit do you make on your products and how many do you need to sell? So many people make the mistake of thinking every sale is a profit, it’s not. I’ll guide you through how to set realistic sales goals for the event.

Whilst trying to hit those goals I give you extra help with my top marketing tricks to boost those sales and to get the customers doing extra marketing for you.

We also go through on the day checklists and evaluating the event afterwards to see what you could have done differently or if you’d return.

With this guide you’ll be able to take control of the event and make it a huge success.

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